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Night Trade

The Night Trade is a trading robot for MetaТrader 4. it is fully automatic and easily customizable.

Real account monitoring.

The Night Trade uses trading based on identification of the price level rollbacks from the main trend at a certain time, which is determined based on volatility of the currency pair and additional filtering modules. For safety reasons, along with the internal algorithms and closing levels, the EA uses external Stop Loss and Take Profit, which do not match the internal ones, in order to protect itself from unscrupulous brokers.

A Pro or ECN (Market/Instant Execution) account is required for the correct operation

Timeframe: М15


The EA built-in settings for these pairs, they can be selected in: "Settings for symbol:"

A unique numerical identifier is set for each pair in the field: "A unique number"


  • Settings for symbol - List for selecting the current currency pair.
  • GMT your broker - Your broker's deviation from GMT.
  • Lot as a percentage of the balance - Lot size as a percentage of the deposit.
  • Enlarge lot after the loss - Increase a lot of the next order if the current one is closed with a loss.
  • The magnification power of the lot (1-100): - Lot increase power after loss-making trades if "Enlarge lot after the loss" is enabled (1-100).
  • Trade on Friday? - Open orders at Friday-Saturday night (Yes/No).
  • A unique number - Magic number, used by the robot to identify its orders.
  • Comment - Comment to closed orders.
  • Visual panel - Button for enabling/disabling the visual information panel.
Tobias Grosse
2017.06.15 09:14 

losses exceed profits...

Nabeel Ahmad Ghaitha Abusamhan
2016.11.25 02:47 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Frank B
2016.10.06 10:47 

First trades are closed in profits

Version 1.3 - 2017.02.09
- Fixed errors when working in time zones different from GMT3.
The update significantly improves the efficiency and reliability of the automated trading system.
Version 1.2 - 2016.11.24
1) Lot increase after a losing series. Enabled in the "Enlarge lot after the loss:" option.
Function aggressiveness is configured using the following parameter (1 to 100):
"The magnification power of the lot (1-100):"

2) An option for disabling operation on Friday: "Trade on Friday?"
Version 1.1 - 2016.09.21
- Added new setting: "GMT your broker:" - specify the GMT offset of your broker.