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MovementX is a powerful indicator that can be used to find entries as well as determine the direction of the trend. MovementX is calculated based on price movement and volatility. It is highly recommended to practice trading on demo or manually backtesting your strategy before going live.

MovementX displays information in the form of lines and dots. When the line is green, the market is trending upwards. When the line is red, the market is trending downwards. You can use this line to determine the trend direction or use it as a entry signal. You can also use the dots (Micro Signals) to trade retracements or use it as exit/entry signals.

Scroll down and watch the video to get a better understanding of this indicator.

Features of MovementX

  • Designed for professional traders.
  • Developed for high reliability and accuracy.
  • Extremely good at finding long term trends.
  • Provides micro signals (dots) for short term trading.
  • No additional indicator is needed as a filter.
  • Can be combined with other trading systems.
  • Supports popups, sound and email alerts.
  • Can be integrated in an EA

If you face any problems with this indicator or have any doubts, please feel free to contact me.

Input Parameters

  • Slow Period - Period used to produce signal output (Value must be Higher than Fast Period)
  • Fast Period - Period used to calculate signal output. (Value must be lower than Slow Period)
  • Signal Period - Period used to calculate micro-signal output.(Green/red dots)
  • Display Micro-Signals -Enable or disable display of micro signals(dots).
  • Trend Alerts (Pop Ups) - Enable or disable popup alerts when the line turns green or red.
  • Email Trend Alerts - Enable or disable sending an email when the line turns green or red
  • Push Notifications - Enable or disable push notification for your mobile when the line turns green or red.
  • Micro-Signal Alerts - Enable or disable popup notifications for micro-signals.
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