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The SecurePro Expert Advisor is based only in price action and is not stuffed with a lot of filters. It uses smart algorithm to search the areas where the price is likely to rebound.

The expert doesn't need any kind of hard setup and is ready to work with multiple symbols. The EA is ready for work on the EUR / USD pair without any prior configuration.

The EA determines the price reversal point and buys or sells based on that point. When the opposite signal appears, the EA closes the trade and opens a new one.


  • The SecurePro EA can now work on any instrument.
  • TF only M30, H1.
  • It is recommended to optimize the profitability parameter for each pair


  • Risk - balance percentage for opening a position.
  • Magic - Any value. When using different EAs as well as multiple instruments, it is better to use different magic numbers and to store the .set files somewhere.
  • Profitability - profitability of the currency pair, from 1 to 180
  • UseNoLoss - enable/disable breakeven
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Version 1.10 - 2016.10.05
Added the breakeven function. The EA can now work on any instrument.