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"Ermak" is an Expert Advisor designed based on the "set and forget" principle. You will not need to study various settings, because the Ermak EA has only one yet the most necessary (in my opinion) parameter for the end-user - the level of risk per trade (%). All other settings that affect the quality of trading have already been selected for you as a result of thorough optimization and testing.

The Expert Advisor includes the spread control system applicable for floating-spread accounts. Trades are performed at a strictly defined time during the day, which has a positive effect on the EA's performance.

Pay attention to the saw-like movement of the price, which is a sign of activation of Stop Loss. The EA does not hold losses, also it does not use averaging and Martingale - it only applies a strict though simple money management system, which is based on a fixed risk-to-reward ratio.

  • Currency pair: GBP/USD;
  • Spread: <=0.5;
  • Broker: any broker with 5-digit quotes.

Trading Strategy

Level breakthrough. The strategy has been optimized using specific parameters which affect the quality of trading.

Input Parameters

  • risk - risk level per trade as %.
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