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PZ Lopez Speed

This oscillator calculates different price/time vectors to plot the aggregate market direction, which is the sum of all price/time vectors evaluated and two moving averages, in order to detect if the market is accelerating or decelerating.

  • Easy to use and understand
  • Acts as a top-quality filter for trades
  • It has a unique speed detection algorithm
  • It is non-repainting and non-backpainting
  • It implements alerts of all kinds

It can be used as a top-quality filter for trend trades. The basic usage is the following:

  • if the blue moving average is over the dotted moving average, longs can be taken.
  • If the blue moving average is below the dotted moving average, shorts can be taken.


  • Period - amount of bars to look back and calculate vectors
  • Signal - period for slow moving average of the indicator
  • Trade - period for fast moving average of the indicator
  • Custom Alert Name - custom string for raised alerts
  • Display Pop Up Alerts - self-explanatory parameter
  • Send Push Alerts - self-explanatorary parameter
  • Raise Sound Alerts - self-explanatory parameter
  • Soundfile to play - file name of the sound file to play when an alert happens


Arturo Lopez Perez, private investor and speculator, software engineer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

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