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Why Olympus

The Expert Advisor is based on a precise mathematical calculation, and non-standard solutions. The EA has been developed by a team of 4 people. The testing of the Expert Advisor and its elements took more than 100 hours. The EA possesses a huge potential. All it needs is the proper tuning.


  • Martingale technique based trading. Secure risk to gain ratio. Maximum increase of the total volume is 4 times.
  • Trailing function is used for each trade.
  • All orders have a magic number.
  • Contains spread and slippage filters.
  • Uses custom indicators.
  • Suits best for EURUSD trading.

Input Parameters

  • Lot - initial volume of orders. When using the Martin function, the volume of order will not exceed 4-fold increase;
  • Period_average - period value for the custom indicator;
  • TakeProfit - TakeProfit value
  • StopLoss - StopLoss value
  • Slip - maximum allowable slippage in points;
  • Martin - enable/disable Martingale based trading;
  • Trailing - enable/disable the TrailingStop parameter;
  • TrailingStop - TrailingStop value
  • Spread - enable/disable the Spread_max parameter (filter);
  • Spread_max - maximum allowable spread value;
  • Magiс - magic number of orders;

Recommended inputs

  • Lot=0.01;
  • Period_average=12.0;
  • TakeProfit=0.003;
  • StopLoss=0.003;
  • Slip=3;
  • Martin=true;
  • Trailing=true;
  • TrailingStop=0.003;
  • Spread=false;
  • Spread_max=20;
  • Magic=1;

The parameters TakeProfit, StopLoss and TrailingStop are universal and set the same value for 4 Digits and 5 Digits. Example: the value of any of these parameters equal to 0.003 is equivalent to 30 points for 4 Digits or 300 points for 5 Digits.


Dear buyers! If you are not sure about whether to buy or not to buy the product, you can do the following. Set TakeProfit and StopLoss to equal values, such as 0.003, and disable Trailing and Martin. Test the EZ on data for the last year, and I think you will have no more doubts. Let me explain: the above manipulation eliminates slippage at opening and closing of orders and slippage when using Trailing function.

During operation, the Expert Advisor saves in its memory the values ​​of important variables by which successful operation of the EA is achieved. Therefore, you can not simultaneously trade using the EA and test it!

A good optimization is the key to success! The most important variables for optimization are Period_average, TakeProfit, StopLoss and TrailingStop.

Best regards, Dmitry.

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