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The Falcon GBPUSD Expert Advisor is designed for conservative trading. It trades during the Asian session. It opens a small number of orders. It uses signals from multiple technical indicators to make entries. If at least one parameter does not match, an order is not opened. The trades are closed primarily based on multiple trade filters, therefore, the stop loss and take profit rarely trigger. It is recommended to use this EA on the GBPUSD pair, for which it was developed originally. It is also recommended to use the EA on ECN accounts, and to use the default settings. For convenience, the EA uses an information panel, which can be disabled in the settings, if necessary (see the video). When testing at the weekend, pay attention to the spread in the strategy tester. Do not use the current spread, as spread values are greatly increased during the weekends, and this EA is sensitive to the spread size. Use this Expert Advisor together with other EAs of the Falcon series, which will be available in the near future.


  • No hedging;
  • No grid, martingale or arbitrage;
  • Automatic calculation of the traded lot sizes.


  • Instruments: GBPUSD;
  • Timeframe: М15;
  • Deposit: $100 or higher;
  • Account type: ECN;
  • Use VPS.


  • MagicNumber - magic number;
  • Comment - order comment;
  • Lot - fixed lot size;
  • Auto risk - automated lot calculation. Percent of used deposit;
  • Maximum spread - maximum allowable spread;
  • Slippage - allowed slippage value;
  • Stop Loss - stop loss level;
  • Take Profit - take profit level;
  • Show - show/hide the information panel, true/false;
  • Color - color of the information panel;
  • traded on MONDAY? - configure trading on this day. Yes - enabled, no - disabled;
  • monday_open - trading start time;
  • monday_pause_start - pause start time;
  • monday_pause_stop - pause end time;
  • monday_close - trading end time;
  • traded on TUESDAY? - configure trading on this day. Yes - enabled, no - disabled;
  • tuesday_open - trading start time;
  • tuesday_pause_start - pause start time;
  • tuesday_pause_stop - pause end time;
  • tuesday_close - trading end time;
  • traded on WEDNESDAY? - configure trading on this day. Yes - enabled, no - disabled;
  • wednesday_open - trading start time;
  • wednesday_pause_start - pause start time;
  • wednesday_pause_stop - pause end time;
  • traded on THURSDAY? - configure trading on this day. Yes - enabled, no - disabled;
  • thursday_open - trading start time;
  • thursday_pause_start - pause start time;
  • thursday_pause_stop - pause end time;
  • thursday_close - trading end time;
  • traded on FRIDAY? - configure trading on this day. Yes - enabled, no - disabled;
  • friday_open - trading start time;
  • friday_pause_start - pause start time;
  • friday_pause_stop - pause end time;
  • friday_close - trading end time.
Xi Lu
Xi Lu 2017.02.22 12:51 


Version 1.1 2017.06.30
Added filter for trading by time, it is also possible to select the trading days.
Added icon.