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Ninja Scrol


The Expert Advisor uses accurate mathematical calculations to determine real breakthroughs.

Instantly opens trades. Uses a grid a pending orders. Use of VPS is not required.

Virtual Take Profit and Stop Loss.

Minimum of settings.

Minimal deposit requirements. Minimum drawdowns.

Best pair is EURUSD. Period M30.

How It Works

After launch, the EA opens pending orders BUY_STOP, BUY_LIMIT и SELL_STOP, SELL_LIMIT.

After calculation the ES decides either to leave the order where they are or shift to some of them.

Once one of the pending orders triggers, the EA will not shift other orders. Then the EA waits for the second pending order to turn into a market one. Then it closes all pending and market orders.

The EA performs very fast, since the ea only works with 2 orders per one second.


Absence of Trailing Stop indicates that the EA does not hunter scalping profits, which is sometimes impossible in fast markets.

The EA hedges one trade through the second one. The EA will close position when the market calms down.


  • Lots - trade volume.
  • BUY_SELL_STOP - distance from the market price where pending BUY_STOP and SELL_STOP orders shall open. Recommended value is 0.0012;
  • BUY_SELL_LIMIT - distance from the market price where pending BUY_LIMIT and SELL_LIMIT orders shall open. Recommended value is 0.0030.
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