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Voron Grid

The EA opens trades in the same direction. There are no distinct distances between the opened orders. The EA calculates when it needs to open the next order. The EA features the ability to average positions smoothly, using classic Martingale and Fibonacci. The EA closes the entire basket of orders when it reaches the profit specified in the settings. The size of the potential profit changes with each opened order. For trading, use ECN accounts with the minimum lot size not greater than 0,01. If the minimum allowed lot greater than 0.01, positions will not be opened.

Expert Advisor Settings

  • Profit – sets the value of profit in points for all orders
  • Fibonacci – enable averaging based on Fibonacci
  • StrongMartin – enable averaging based on Martingale
  • Magic – Magic number

If averaging based on Fibonacci and Martingale is disabled, each subsequent order will be increased by 0.01 lot.

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