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This signal indicator places an arrow icon at the point of optimal market entry and generates a sound signal.

This signal indicator uses the set of standard indicators of the MetaTrader 4 platform.

The signal appearing on the chart as an arrow icon does not disappear and does not redraw!

The parameters of the signal indicator perfectly suits any currency pair (multi-currency), recommended Time Frame is M15

For the best entry into the market by the arrow signal, switch to the smaller timeframes (М15 - М5 - М1). The signal must be in the same direction, this will help avoid the false signals.


  • The parameters are selected with consideration of the volatility of the pairs with the Time Frame - M15
  • The terminal operation and Internet connection are required to be active during analysis and manual trading
  • The system can be restarted. After this the indicator will keep operating, signals and settings will not be lost

Settings and Input Parameters

  • ADXper = parameter of the Average Directional Movement Index indicator
  • ADXapplPrice = applied price of the Average Directional Movement Index indicator
  • SARstep = maximum price change step of the Parabolic SAR indicator (step 0.01 - 0.09)
  • Sound = sound notification (true - enabled, false - disabled)
  • SymbolBUY = numerical value of the icon: 233 up arrow (116 rhombus icon)
  • SymbolSELL = numerical value of the icon: 234 up arrow (116 rhombus icon)
  • SymbolSize = size of icons (arrows) on the chart
  • CountBars = the number of bars to display the icons
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