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Michaels Binary TURBO

This is a No-Repaint-Strategy for binary options from "Michael L." (a profi binary option trader). This indicator evaluates the trend direction, market strength, and market volatility. In suitable situation you will receive a signal.

It runs on all timeframes. The higher the timeframe, the more accurate the signals are.

Recommend is M5 or higher timeframe with expiry time 15 minutes or more.


  • Trading Mode: Scalping, Active, Moderate (scalping = more signals, but also more false signals / Moderate = fewer signals, but better).
  • Signal: Immediately or after 1 bar (next candle).
  • RSI Period: Period of RSI indicator.
  • Volatility Band: Period for volatility scanner.
  • RSI Line: First indicator for market strength (number of bars).
  • Signal Line: Second indicator for market strength: Number of bars.
  • Alerts, Mail, Notification, Sound: Allow alerts, send mails, send notifications or sound at a signal.
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Version 1.6 - 2016.08.05
Update 1.6:
It is now compatible with our "My Binary EA"