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BtB Strength Server

Strength (Server) is a multicurrency dashboard that uses currencies correlation to know the currency strength. It can manage 28 pairs covering 8 major currencies crosses.

It is fully adaptable to your trading system as a lead indicator or filter.

It is adapted for manual or auto trading. You have visual tools and notifications to make the trading easier in manual trading. You have PIN protocol for sharing signals to external tools in auto trading. Both modes can be used in the same time.

This edition includes SDK that allows adding it in your project. SDK allows you to read signals provided by this indicator.

1. Strength (Server) only can use Forex symbols with full crosses (AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD and USD)

2. Accounts with missing crosses will show unbalanced strength. It is still usable but you will not have perfect signals.


  • 44 median averages
  • 20 price types
  • 2 filters modes (remove fake signals)
  • 4 sensitive modes
  • UI panel
  • Settings persistence
  • Symbols enabled/disabled selection
  • Symbols PUSH notifications
  • PIN signals (signals protocol for external EAs)


Global settings

  • App UID: Settings persistence UID
  • Type: Trend type filter (3 types)
  • Formula: Smooth formula (4 types)
  • Timeframe: Timeframe (custom TFs supported)
  • Suffix: Broker suffix (empty = auto detection)
  • Bars: Number of bars loaded


  • PIN channel: signals channel (for sending signals to other EAs)

MA settings (Trend/Strength)

  • Period: Period of MA
  • MA type: Type of MA (44 types)
  • Price: Price type (20 types)
  • Double Smooth Average: Fast response
  • Adaptive Average: Adaptive response to market volatility

Mode (Velocity)

  • Length: Bars used in calculation
  • Signal Trigger: Signal speed filter (pips)


  • Signal Trigger Min: Min signal value (0-100)
  • Signal Trigger Max: Max signal value (0-100)


  • Buy/Sell/Neutral Color
  • Background/Border/Text Symbol Color


  • Alarm: PUSH notifications

Strength links

If you want full information about this tool:

Link to Strength User Manual -> here

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Version 0.50 - 2016.07.05
+ fixed refresh UI when pair is disabled
+ added mode ( velocity )