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Z6 Trader

This Expert Trade On EURCHF H1, And use to main features of this pair.

  1. Low volatility,
  2. Night behavior.

I Use special Trend filter for Open Positions.

I Tested this expert On EURCHF but you can find other pair with other settings for trade.

Expert Use Special Stop Loss On trades based On Time.

For best result run expert On VPS and don't be have manual editing on positions.

Important: use ECN accounts with low spread (recommended Below 18 Points).


  • Start Sensitivity: Sensitivity For Start Trading(Low Value = More Positions).
  • Incremental pip: Minimum Distance from Previous position for Open New Position.
  • First Pos TP: Tp for First Position.
  • Other Pos TP: TP for Other Positions.(example : if value is 50 and you have 3 positions tp from first position will be 150 pips).
  • maxLots: maximum lots allowed.
  • lot1: Start Lots.
  • Max Allowed trades: Maximum Opened Positions Allowed.
  • Max Risk Allowed Money: Max Risk Allowed in Money(Close All Trades if DrawDown will be this value).
  • Max Risk Allowed: Max Risk Allowed in Percentage of Balance.(Close All Trades if DrawDown will be this value).
  • Start Hour: Time for Start Trading.
  • End Hour: Time for Stop Trading.
  • Close With Time:if True, expert Close All Positions At time adjust in next Parameter.(Recommended: True)
  • Close All Hour: Close All Positions At this time.
  • Capital for Add Lots: Incremental value in money for Add Lots.
  • Add Lots: Add lots For above parameter.
  • Expert ID: Magic for expert.
  • Commission Simulation:Enter Commission for 1 lots, and expert Show Total Commission in journal tab.

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