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Britain Night

Britain Night is a fully automated expert adviser that can provide conservative or aggressive trading depending on your preferences. The algorithm of two-level martingale is implemented in the EA. It allows the EA to quickly recover losses after stop loss is triggered. The value of stop loss is determined by the maximal allowed drawdown in % of deposit.

Expert Advisor Settings

  • FixedLot - fixed lot size if DynamicRisk = 0.
  • DynamicRisk - dynamic risk depending on the deposit.
  • RecoveryMultiplier - multiplier for the Risk value, after closing by stop loss until deposit is completely recovered.
  • BandsPeriod - period of trading channel.
  • BandsDeviation - width of trading channel.
  • MartinStep - step value for position averaging. It depends on the width of trading channel.
  • OpeningDelay - minimal delay between opening orders in the same direction.
  • LotMultiplier - multiplier for position averaging.
  • WantedProfit - desired profit from averaging in % of deposit.
  • MaxDDPercent - maximal allowed drawdown in % of deposit. All opened orders are closed if this value is reached.
  • DelayAfterSL - timeout for trading after closing by stop loss, in minutes.
  • Slippage - allowed slippage in points (for non-ECN accounts).
  • MaxSpread - maximal spread to open initial and averaging orders.
  • magic - magic number of initial orders.
  • MartinMagic - magic number of averaging orders.
  • UseTimeRestrictions - use trading time limits. Night trading is recommended.
  • AlwaysTradeMartin - allow averaging positions in non-trading hours.
  • DailyClosing - close all positions at the end of trading time.
  • StartHour - trading start hour
  • EndHour - trading end hour
  • GMT - GMT offset.


  • Currency pair: GBPUSD
  • Timeframe: М1
  • Trade account: ECN account with low spread is recommended. You may also use standard account with fixed spread of 3 points or lower.
  • Minimal deposit: 3000 ($30 if cent account).
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Version 1.2 2016.09.14
Added limitation on spread value (the MaxSpread parameter).
Version 1.1 2016.06.30
Fixed the lot calculation function. Now the EA correctly works with all DC. Corrected the trading time. Be careful when adjusting the GMT parameter.