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The liquidity of Forex market is concentrated on the main pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY and XAUUSD. On these instruments, ZZTop expert has stable and good results, which you can find on the Comments tab. Also, the Signal is available for trades copying.

Distinctive features

  • EA trades breaks of price levels;
  • only one option affects the point of entry, which allows you to minimize the possibility of curve fitting;
  • stop loss and take profit are automatically adapted to the current volatility;
  • built-in risk management system calculates position volume;
  • EA supports Market Execution and Instant Execution.

You can optimize parameters by yourself or take advantage of free presets, which I can send you on request.


  • Magic - EA's identifier;
  • AvgSprd - average spread (points);
  • StopLevels - size of StopLevels of your broker (points);
  • Commission - full commission size in points;
  • Risk - risk as percentage from Deposit;
  • Deposit - amount for Risk calculation. If 0, then calculate from balance;
  • Positions - Long&Short or LongOnly, or ShortOnly;
  • InnerZone - shift inside from level (points);
  • OuterZone - shift outside from level (points);
  • TimeLimit - signal duration to open a position (seconds);
  • MultipleTrades - number of simultaneously open positions;
  • MainPeriod - determine an entry point, recommended range is from 10 to 50;
  • StopLoss - recommended range is from 10 to 100. Disabled if set to 0;
  • TakeProfit - recommended range is from 10 to 100. Disabled if set to 0;
  • Trailing - recommended range is from 10 to 100. Disabled if set to 0;
  • TimeOut - cover the trade after TimeOut minutes left;
  • TimeBreake - move SL to breakeven after TimeBreake minutes left;
  • UseTradingTime - use trading time limits;
  • CloseTime - cover all trades after CloseTime (hh:mm);
  • OFF_Hour - EA will not trade at the specified hours (12,13,18);
  • OFF_Day - EA will not trade at the specified day of the week (1,2,5);
  • Draw - show arrows with missed signals.

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