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That does exactly this indicator do?

Displays the volume of buyers and sellers in a more friendly and understandable. In this way we can determine more accurately if they win the bears or the bulls.

How can this information help in my trading?

There are patterns of behavior that we studied beforehand, but in essence we will serve as support at the time of making decisions. Also if we are already within the market we can confirm if is approaching a change of trend and so exit before the change of the same.

Parameters of the indicator and the best way to use it

This indicator by its simplicity has no configurable parameter except the colors of the bars. It is suitable for all timeframes and markets. Serves as support for any type of strategy, but it is often used in strategies "naked" (without indicators), only counting with supports/resistances, pivot points, etc.


Miguel Ángel Vico Alba (Mike eXplosion), Trader Freelance & Computer Engineer.

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