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Master EA Demo

Do you want to convert your Custom Indicators into Expert Advisors ?

Master EA converts any Custom Indicator into an Expert Adviser so there is no need to pay a programmer to convert your indicator into an EA anymore !!. Master EA is equipped with all the necessary tools needed for you to convert any Custom Indicator into a complete strategy.

This Demo Version of Master EA only works with EURUSD pair get the full version at https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/16771


  • Converts Custom Indicators to Expert.
  • Risk Management Systems
  • Break Even System
  • Partial Closing
  • Risk to Reward System
  • Slippage Control
  • Over 5 Trailing / Exit Strategies
    1. Moving Average Trailing
    2. Average True Range (ATR) trailing.
    3. Parabolic SAR trailing
    4. Donchain Channel trailing
    5. Pips/Points Trailing
    6. Break Even trailing
  • Semi-Auto Trading Option
  • Trade Alert System
NOTE : The EA is designed to convert only Buffer Based Custom Indicators into an EA thus it won't work on Object based indicators. Test the EA in the strategy tester and make sure it is converting your indicator properly before purchasing. The EA is a constant work-in-progress until it is a able to convert all Indicators into an Expert thus if it does not convert your indicator into an Expert properly then contact us so we can factor your Indicator System into the EA.


  1. Enter the Indicator name you want to convert in the 'Indicator_Name' field of the input menu (Enter the indicator name exactly as it appears on your platform . CASE sensitive and Punctuation Sensitive).
  2. Enter the Indicator Parameters in the 'Indicator Parameters' field of the input menu (Enter all options and Separate each option with a comma).
  3. Enter the Buy and Sell buffers of the Indicator in the Buy Buffer and Sell Buffer field of the input menu. (If you don't know the buffers, there is an option to get the buffers automatically before you get it).
  4. Enter trade management settings
  5. Trade


What is the indicator buffer ? : An indicator buffer is the signal returned by the indicator. Buy Signals and Sell Signals have their different buffers. Buy and Sell Orders are entered based on the buffer.

Setting the Buffer Automatically : In case you don't know the buy and sell buffers, there is an option to get it automatically . To get the buffers automatically, follow these steps:

  1. Set Buffer_Selection option to Chart Display
  2. Two vertical lines would appear on the chart (One Blue line and One Red Line) . Place Blue Line on Buy Signal and Red Line on Sell Signal
  3. Click Buffer Set Button and the Buy and Sell buffers would appear on your screen.


  • Indicator_Name: Enter Indicator name to convert (CASE SENSITIVE , PUNCTUATION SENSITIVE --E.g ZigZag , Heiken_Ashi).
  • Indicator_parameters: Enter indicator parameters (Separate by comma -- E.g "0,0,0,true,false,0,0,13")
  • Indicator_Signal_Shift: Set the signal bar (Zero(0)=current bar , One(1) =Previous closed bar)
  • Indicator_Time_Frame: Set the Indicator Time Frame
  • Buffer_Selection: Choose a buffer selection option (Text=Enter buffer yourself , Chart Display = Get buffers automatically)
  • Buy_Buffer1: Enter Buy Buffer here if you chose Text for Buffer_Selection.
  • Sell_Buffer1: Enter Sell Buffer here if you chose Text for Buffer_Selection.
  • Magicnumber: Expert Magic Number
  • Slippage: Maximum Slippage Setting
  • lot: Trade Size
  • use_riskpercent: Calculate Lot Size by Account Balance Risk (true/false)
  • riskpercent: Percentage of Account Balance to Risk
  • Risk_pips: Your Risk Stop Loss
  • StopLoss: Normal Stop Loss
  • TakeProfit: Normal Take Profit
  • Partial_Close_At_Risk_Reward: Enable/Disable Closing at Risk to Reward ratio
  • extern double Risk_Reward_Ratio=1.0; //Risk_Reward(SL/TP)
  • Trade_Comment: Trade comments
  • TrailOption: Enter your Trailing Option ( MA,ATR,PIP,SAR,DONCHAIN , BREAK EVEN etc)
  • Enable_Semi_Auto: Enable/ Disable Semi-Auto trading
  • Enable_Trade_Notification: Enable / Disable Trade Notification
  • Push_Notification: Phone notification
  • send_email: Email Notification
  • use_alert: Chart notification
Andrey Litvichenko
2017.10.28 05:57 

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Pip Collector
2017.09.12 08:48 

Could not get it to work with Pivot X, will reevaluate if the seller can give set file for pivot x

Eleni Anna Branou
2017.02.17 18:04 

Great tool.

Ovidiu Caslariu
2016.06.25 14:50 

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