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News story on the chart

The script displays the history of news releases on a chart in the form of lines.

Download the file of news history from the file https://www.fxstreet.com/economic-calendar#. Save it to the "Files" folder of the terminal. Run the script.

It only displays past news. In the event of multiple news releases at the same time, the last of them or the most important one is displayed.


  • TimeZone - the difference between the broker's time zone and GMT.
  • Only this currency - only show new for the current currency pair.
  • Show high impact - display important news.
  • Show medium impact - display news of medium impact.
  • Show low impact - display news of low impact.
  • Commentary - show comments to lines.
  • Color of high news - the color of important news.
  • Color of medium news - the color of normal news.
  • Color of low news - the color of low-impact news.
Ali irwan
2017.07.27 00:50 

very helpful

2017.06.29 05:18 


Vladimir Gotsulenko
2017.04.13 14:35 

Очень полезный скрипт, наглядно отображает не только вышедшие новости, но и время выхода ожидаемых, а также их важность (использую смещение графика). Спасибо разработчику!