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SpreadInfo displays the movement of synthetic instrument consisting of a few basic ones.

The concept is very simple. A synthetic instrument is created. It can be described using a simple equation (spread indicator parameter).

The indicator plots a chart of the synthetic instrument and builds a regression channel based on it (see the screenshots).

How to use

  • Make sure that all symbols specified in the indicator equation are present in the Market Watch window.
  • Make sure that quotes of all symbols of a selected timeframe are loaded.
  • Drag SpreadInfo indicator from the Navigator unto the chart and edit input parameters as appropriate.


  • The indicator is resource-consuming, thus it features barsCalculate parameter. It is recommended not to set its value over 4000.
  • Trading style depends on your strategy - you can wait either for a breakout or a roll-back from a regression channel.


  • spread - equation describing the synthetic instrument. It has the following look: ([-EURUSD{0.02}][-GBPUSD{0.09}][+NZDUSD{1.02}]..[+AUDUSD{0.03}]), where (+|-) means (BUY|SELL) {lot} symbol
  • postfix - for symbols having a "tail". For example, in case of EURUSD.m, you should put .m here
  • cDegree - regression channel curvature
  • cWidth - regression channel width
  • rcDaysBack - number of days, within which the regression channel is plotted
  • cSmooth - synthetic chart smoothing
  • showComment - display a comment on a chart, like Spread, Margin, Swap
  • startFrom - synthetic start point date/time
  • barsCalculate - number of bars for calculation.
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Version 1.6 - 2016.06.30
Added variable for selecting the text display color.
Version 1.5 - 2016.06.16
As the strategy tester has limitations on multi-currency testing and can not access the tick price in the deposit currency, the indicator did not display the spread chart in the demo version.
This has been fixed. Added the tick price as a constant, now it is possible to test the product correctly.
The tick price is calculated correctly in the full version.

P.S. the required margin for spread, swap and spread in the deposit currency are also not displayed in the demo version.