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FIA Close Timing

FIA Close Timing is designed for traders who wants to enter a trade and close the trade in a fixed time period. It is a friendly tool for daily trading, and give traders more flexibility on time control.


  • No limit of trading any symbols for this EA
  • Countdown functions rounded to second
  • Slippage, spread or commission don't matter.
  • Suitable for any broker and any account type which allows EA auto trading.
  • Only execute one trade operation on one MT4 trading window.


  • Lot size: lot size can not be less than the minimum lot size for symbol allowed.
  • Stop loss: MaxStoploss setting can not be less than the minimum stop level allowed.
  • Deposit: Please make sure there is enough free margin to place an order and fit the stop loss option.

Change in the parameters:

Setting the stop loss and profit level too low may result in failure on closing and entering a trade.


  • Ordering_Type - In this slot, trader can select options to open a buy or a sell order
  • LotSize - Starting lot size of trading cycle.
  • AlphaGo_ID - The magic number of EA, enables this EA to run on different symbols and time frames. By doing so, simply enter different integers.
  • MaxStopLoss - The maximum level of stop loss amount expected to be applied in the trading process. In 5 digits trading account, 1 means 10 pips.
  • MaxTakeProfit - The maximum level of take profit amount expected to be done in the trading process. In 5 digits trading account, 1 means 10 pips.
  • Day_Setting - Day level parameter to close the trade.
  • Hour_Setting - Hour level parameter to close the trade.
  • Minute_Setting - Minute level parameter to close the trade.
  • Seconds_Setting - Second level parameter to close the trade. The final total time is counted as combination of day,hour,minute and seconds level settings.

Testing Result

Testing Result is on EURUSD to enter and exit a trade within a 3 days 2 hours 1 minutes and 25 seconds duration. The result and preset are shown in the screenshots below.


To enable a different trade with different settings, please apply this EA on the currency pair window in any time frame and enter a different AlphaGo_ID.

The timing is based on ticks coming in, so the accuracy on second level countdown may highly depend on the type of trading account and trading platform with auto trading function allowed at the time.

To suit different pairs and design a profitable strategy, the parameters should be adjusted according to market condition.

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