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Order Manager With interactive Sound

This is a simple and modern Order Manager EA with interactive sound. This will play sound in every action you will make like buy, buy stop, sell, sell stop, buy limit, sell limit, close order, close profit, take profit, stop loss etc. This EA has lot of options for order management to take best entry of your position. You can chose lot size on the basis of Fixed lot size, Money and Risk percentile. There is option for hidden TP and Hidden SL along with normal TP and SL. So, enjoy your trading with this nice Order Manager.

Important EA Parameters:

  • Button Settings ( X-offset, Y-offset) - EA panel position settings .
  • Order Settings (Stop loss: True/False, Slippage: in pips, Pips to buy/sell stop from current price: Set distance in pips, Pips to buy/sell Limit from current price: Set distance in pips, )
  • Initial Value: First to use ( Set your lot size on the basis of fixed lot, money risk, or account balance percentage risk), Stop Loss: Set Stop loss in Pips,Take profit : Set take profit in Pips)
  • Step to Change Value: Set change value for per step for Lot size, Pips risk, Money risk, Percentage risk, Stop Loss, Take Profit.
  • Hidden SLTP: Use it to hide your SL TP from your Broker.
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