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Hyper Combo EURUSD

The Expert Advisors of Hyper Combo series are large balanced portfolios consisting of various strategies. All strategies act independently providing a high degree of risk diversification.

The EA does not need optimization and is fully operational. The developer is going to re-optimize the strategies built into the EA in a timely manner if necessary. The EA does not include strategies using martingale, grid, or pyramid. Also, there are no strategies with trading time limitations. Aggressive scalping strategies have spread value limitations.

Hyper Combo strategies

  1. CScalping - scalping based on WPR and Moving Averages.
  2. Breakout - long-term strategy based on critical price levels' breakout.
  3. 3MA - strategy based on the specific interaction of the three Moving Averages.
  4. Wally - scalping based on WPR, CCI, and Moving Averages.
  5. Cleaner - trading within the Bollinger channel.
  6. FETS - scalping based on multiple Moving Averages.
  7. Catcher - long-term trend strategy based on catching strong movements.
  8. Fusion - scalping based on RSI, WPR, and Stochastic indicators.
  9. Bollinger - long-term reversal strategy based on the Bollinger channel.
  10. Bollinger BD - trading the Bollinger breakouts after the price consolidation.
  11. Milky - fractal-based long-term strategy.
  12. Candle - trading based on statistical candle analysis.


  • FixLots - enable fixed lot for all strategies.
  • Lots - fixed lot value.
  • (Strategy name)Risk - dynamic risk depending on the deposit. 0 - disable a strategy.
  • (Strategy name)Magic - magic number for the appropriate strategy.
  • ShowInformation - show info window with the list of strategies, number of open deals, and profit for both open and closed deals. The parameter allows tracking the performance of individual strategies within the portfolio. The data is updated once per 15 minutes, since update per tick would cause too much computing load.


  • Symbol: EURUSD
  • Timeframe: M15
  • Trade account: ECN
  • Minimum deposit: 3000 for correct MM. You can also boost smaller deposits and use cent accounts.
2016.06.23 22:17 

UPDATE: So far, lost aprox. 40% of my deposit scam

Version 1.1 - 2016.06.20
Added -ECN, -NDD, -STP, -cent and other suffixes to a possible symbol name.