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Shmendridge PAM Universal

About the Shmendridge PAM (Price Action Master) EA Series (2.2+ Engine)

  • Check the Comments area for information about live real account tracking of all Shmendridge PAM bots.
  • These multi-symbol multi-time-frame bots enter on high probability engulfing bar and shooting star/hammer/pin bar patterns with a stop order. (Delays won't matter, slippage and spread not a big deal on larger time-frames.)
  • They may consider up to 4 secondary time-frames in their analyses and score of space, trend, quality of price action bar, quality of important locations of support and resistance, big round numbers, MACD divergence, moving averages as support and resistance and quality of pullbacks or extremes.
  • The bots are based on many of the trading principals of the James16 chart thread. *Neither I, nor my EA are affiliated in any way to the Jame16 group.
  • These bots can automatically detect the first trouble area and move stop at this point.
  • Non scalper. Uses only completed bars in its calculations.
  • Non Martingale. Percent of equity is always used to calculate risk.

Shmendridge Price Action Master UNIVERSAL

The Shmendridge Price Action Master Universal is all PAM bots combined in to one EA. As of 2016-05-13 there are 2 D1 strategies (Carrot and Onion), an H4 (Trend4), an H1(Turnip) and an M15 (Blueberry). With the purchase of the Universal, you will have access to all future strategies as well as all settings to change or create your own.

Please see comments area for live account details and other info.


  • FREQUENCY: Frequency Timer
  • StartDate: date to start trading (Tester)
  • MinLoadedBars: minimum amount of bars loaded on every time frame required to begin trading (Tester)
  • OpenAllChartsOnStart: in case you don't have enough bars in your history we can try and open charts automatically for all symbols
  • Enter: entry method
  • Lots: percent of equity to risk
  • MAGIC_NUMBER: magic number
  • Slippage: slippage
  • EXPOSURECHECK: if true will not place correlated trades
  • CheckMargin: if true will calculate if enough margin is available
  • InitiateAddToEquity: will store in a global variable and include this amount (in account base currency) for all risk calculations
  • ForceInitiateAddToEquity: over rides the AddToEquity global variable in case one already exists and overwrites it with the InitiateAddToEquity amount
  • riskinc: increases lotsize depending on the quality of setup
  • MaxRiskThreshFactor: Maximum factor of riskinc function
  • UseHiLow: if true will place stop above/below the price action bar
  • TakeProfit: tp in ATR
  • StopRatio: if non 0, becomes the risk to reward ratio and overrides TakeProfit
  • cusion: cusioning in ATR of the entry orders
  • FTAroom: the minimum space in ATR before the first trouble area is calculated
  • FTApad: the cusioning for the first trouble area calculation
  • BEpm: at first trouble area move stop to break even plus or minus BEpm expressed in ATR
  • BEmax: furthest first trouble area allowed
  • Trail: trailing stop expressed in ATR
  • TrailCushion: cusioning of trailing stop
  • TrailTF: timeframe of which the trailing stop is calculated
  • TwoBarSS: if true engages the two bar smart stop trailing sl
  • MinSize: size in ATR of the smallest bar allowed in the two bar smart stop calculation
  • BRNTrail: if true engages the big round number trailing sl
  • BRNTrailadj: adjustment of he big round number placement
  • Decay: current score will be decayed by this many points on each new bar
  • Thresh: score required to place a trade
  • UseMaxSpreadFilter: if true engages the maximum spread filter
  • MaxAvgSpread: maximum spread expressed in ATR
  • SpreadStore: amount of readings to take to calculate average spread
  • UseChopFilter: if true will use the experimental chop filter
  • MAX_CHOP: maximum chop reading allowed
  • CHOP_PERIOD: period used to calculate chop
  • CHOP_BARS: amount of bars to use in chop calculation
  • EnterOn: minimum grade of bar to enter a trade
  • scndPAwt: weight of price action score on secondary timeframes
  • EnterOnIB: if true will also enter on inside bars
  • MaxSize: absolute maximum bar size allowed expressed in ATR

Please see the 1st comment as I am running out of room in the description area....

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.25 05:55 

1 Star (20%) = Bad

2 Stars (40%) = Undecided (still testing)

3 Stars (60%) = Okay

4 Stars (80%) = Good

5 Stars (100%) = Excellente!

Version 2.7 - 2017.05.24
-Optimized default settings using H1 2016-10-26
-fixed rare scenario where close and delete orders were not respecting stopslevel
Version 2.6 - 2016.05.26
- fixed error on init when using tester.