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Trend Power Integration

Trend indicator based on a simple moving average. Represents a histogram based on a moving average and opening, closing prices of bars. It helps to very accurately determine the market entry points. It shows good results during long-term trading and scalping. The indicator signals are very strong and can warn you about upcoming global changes in the trend. The indicator does not react to market noise and actions of large speculators, but it is very sensitive, none the less. With suitable settings it will be a great assistant for scalping.

The indicator parameters

The default settings are standard for H1, EURUSD. For more efficiency, adjust them according to the particularities of your broker, timeframe and currency pair.

  • SMA Period - Period of the simple moving average.
  • Color positive bars - Color of the positive bars.
  • Color negative bars - Color of the negative bars.

Additional Information

  • No repaint
  • Does not draw outdated signals
  • Does not recalculate
  • Signals strictly at the close of the bar
  • Compatible with Expert Advisor development
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