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Activity Trend Integration

Relative market activity indicator, the histogram of market activity. Represents a histogram based on two moving averages on volumes. It helps both in long-term trading and scalping. It is possible to trade relying only on this indicator, without being affected by the tricks of large speculators and short-term market reaction to the news. But it can also be used for trading news by setting more aggressive parameters.

The indicator parameters

The default settings are standard for H1, EURUSD. For more efficiency, adjust them according to the particularities of your broker, timeframe and currency pair.

  • Fast AMA Period - Fast moving average on volumes.
  • Slow AMA Period - Slow moving average on volumes.
  • Color positive bars - Color of the positive bars.
  • Color negative bars - Color of the negative bars.

Additional Information

  • No repaint
  • Does not draw outdated signals
  • Does not recalculate
  • Signals strictly at the close of the bar
  • Compatible with Expert Advisor development
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