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SAWA Trade Manager

SAWA Trade Manager is the perfect tool for manual trading, easy to set up, controllable risk and drawdown with a pre-calculation, and performs with any symbol or digit. It is a MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisor that performs an automatic and flawless position management for you, avoiding human errors and enhancing your trading activity.

How does it work?

After you've taken a trade with the panel buttons the expert advisor establishes the levels of stop loss and take profit automatically and manages the Martingale positions for you.

It includes

  • 3 types of Money Management:
    1. Fix Lot.
    2. Auto-lot calculated with a percentage of the account Balance in risk.
    3. Auto-lot calculated with a multiplier of the previous position.
  • 3 types of Martingales:
    1. Disable.
    2. Enable adding in profit.
    3. Enable adding against.
    4. Enable adding in opposite directions in a range.

Information Panel

Market Conditions info:

  • Server time.
  • Current Spread ( in pips ).
  • Average Spread of the last 100 ticks ( in pips ).
  • Stop Level: minimum distance to set the Stop-Loss/Take-Profit.
  • Tick Latency: Time in MS from the last Tick of the price.
  • Code Execution time: Time in MS that takes to the computer to read and execute the actions of the expert’s code. A good performance would be a value under 20 MS.

Current Exposure info:

  • Total Trades: Number of orders open by the EA ( Magic Number ).
  • Profit: of the current trades in account currency.
  • Break-even price.
  • Exposure: ( Long Lots – Short Lots ) .
  • Max Net Exposure: Absolute value of the maximum exposure according with the Money Management and Martingale settings.
  • Maximum drawdown: maximum loss according to the maximum net exposure and stop-loss. In live trading you have to count the margin requirements that are not included in the Maximum drawdownin order to control your free margin.

Trade Settings info:

  • Trade Type.
  • Money Management type.
  • Martingale type.
  • Stop-loss / Distance to average (add against) / Tunnel Martingale Range.
  • Take-Profit / Distance to average (add in profit).

Input Parameters

EA settings

  • Max Spread.
  • Max Slippage.
  • Magic Number.

Money management settings

  • Money Management (type):
    1. Fix Lot.
    2. Auto-lot Risk Per cent.
    3. Auto lot Multiplier.
  • Risk Per cent: for Risk Per cent MM.
  • Profit Per cent to close all.
  • Lot Size: for Fix lot MM.

Martingale settings

  • Martingale Type:
    1. Disable.
    2. Add in Profit.
    3. Add Against.
    4. Tunnel Martingale.
  • Max Trades: if martingale is enable.
  • Lot Multiplier: if martingale is enable.

Stop Loss Settings

  • Manual SL: Stop loss / Distance to average (add against) / Tunnel Martingale Range.
  • Manual TP: Take-Profit / Distance to average (add in profit).
  • Lock Profit: Disable / Trailing stop / Break even.
  • Trailing Stop / Break-even Distance (in pips).

Things to keep in mind

  1. It is posible to change the martingale mode or change the maximum number of positions at any time.
  2. All open orders would be closed by the EA once one of the orders executes a stop level ( TP / SL ) to avoid problems with the partial close of martingale positions.
  3. If the martingale mode is Tunnel martingale and the EA opens the maximum number of trades, the EA will start to close all. Each time that the price cross the level to switch the direction of the trade it will close the most recently opened trade. This process will continue until it closes all the trades or it closes with the take profit or the trailing stop.

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Alejandro Funes, statistician.

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