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PZ Swing Trading Scanner

Multi-symbol and multi-timeframe signal scanner for the Swing Trading Indicator. It recognizes:

  • Trend Changes
  • Swings
  • Corrections

Once a signal has been recognized, you can easily open the chart clicking on the [view] button. Other features are:

  • Customizable symbol list
  • Enable or disable timeframes at will
  • Visual, sound, email and push alerts
Before buying this indicator, get the Swing Trading Indicator first. You might not need the scanner in your trading activity.

Indicator Parameters

Inputs are divided into groups.

  • Symbol and timeframes: Type your desired pair list separated by commas and select timeframes to scan
  • Indicator settings: These settings reflect the indicator inputs of the Swing Trading Indicator
  • Display options: Choose font sizes for the title, header and table of the scanner
  • Alerts: Enable or disable alerts at will


Arturo López Pérez, private investor and speculator, software engineer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

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