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BtB Trend

Trend (Single) is a full set of 44 Median Averages. It has a wide range of MAs from fastest to smoothest. It has different filter modes to reduce false signals.

It's fully adaptable to your trading system as a lead indicator or filter.

It's adapted for manual trading. You have visual tools and notifications to make the trading easier in manual trading.


  • 44 Median Averages
  • 20 price types
  • 3 filter modes
  • Bands
  • PUSH notifications


Global settings

  • App UID: Settings UID (for data persistence). The indicator settings are saved with an UID. If you want to have a different setup, use a different UID. Every UID keeps the last settings defined with that identificator
  • Suffix: Broker suffix (empty = auto detection)

Trend Links

If you want full information about this tool:

Link to Trend User Manual -> here

Other Links

If you have doubts or you want know more about other BtB tools:

Link to BtB Profile -> here

Link to BtB Blog -> here

Link to BtB Products -> here

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Version 0.60 - 2016.09.02
+ added new UI (dynamic and persistent data)
+ added slope signals (on chart)
+ added two bands (inner/outer)
+ added bands signals (on chart)
+ added bands strategy (notifications)
+ optimized CPU/MEM (up 200% faster)
Version 0.50 - 2016.07.05
+ added type ( velocity )
+ added option ( history bars )
Version 0.30 - 2016.06.02
+ 44 MA types
Version 0.26 - 2016.05.17
Removed special MAs. You only have 4 standard MAs temporarily. I will add new MAs soon