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Shepherd Wolfe Waves

This indicator automatically detects Wolfe Waves on any timeframe and plots them on your chart depending on complicated algorithms.


  • Finds the points and draws the lines automatically
  • Ease of use
  • This is the most perfect indicator of Wolfe Waves indicators
  • You can use it in an EA


When pattern of waves appears, enter the market and keep the deal open till the price reaches the line 1-4, or your first target point is of the same distance from point 2 to 1. Keep in mind that this may not happen at all times. I recommend launching the indicator on several timeframes with several ZigZag values to see all the models.


  • Bullish_Wave_Color
  • Bearish_Wave_Color
  • Draw_Trend - enable\disable trend from 1 to 4 drawing
  • Use_Trend_Ray - enable\disable trend ray from 1 to 4 drawing
  • zzDepth - ZigZag depth
  • zzDev - ZigZag dev
  • zzBack - ZigZag back
  • Objects_ID - this id will be written at the start of all object names that drawn on chart
  • FontSize - font size for all texts that indicator creates
  • FontColor - font color for all texts that indicator creates
  • CountBars - historical bars to be calculated
  • UseAlert - enable/disable alert using
  • UseNotification - enable/disable Push notification using
  • UseMail - enable/disable mail using
  • Use_System_Visuals - enable/disable colors of system using


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Fx taster
2017.04.16 06:23   

I bought this indicator for 30$

It's an apsoloute copy of free indicators out the market

doesnt deserve to be rated

Andres Meza
2017.02.08 04:16 

A masterpiece and a must have for all wolfe wave practitioners.

Imadov Eden Park
2016.06.23 20:46 

A good indicator and deserves Rating