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Yoda MT4

The Expert Advisor designed for trading the sideways movements of the market. Use EURUSD M1 for trading.

During the creation of the EA, the main objective was to achieve the minimum number of input parameters to make them easy to adjust and control. To enter the market it uses a Custom indicator, which determines the current periodicity of the market. Positions are closed by the opposite signal of the indicator or by reaching the user-defined stop-out. The EA implements a smart lot calculation system, which allows to accurately determine the lot size depending on the current deposit and the current market situation.

Real account monitoring - https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/177027

Input Parameters

  • TradeMode - four trading modes (trading enabled, trading disabled, only buy, only sell)
  • SendPush - send Push-notifications to the mobile device (requires prior configuration of the terminal)
  • StopOut - programmatic stop-out as a percentage of the deposit
  • RemoveExpert - disable the EA when the stop-out is reached
  • Minimum half optimal period - the lower limit of the optimum half-time
  • Maximum half optimal period - the upper limit of the optimum half-time
  • Coefficient for potential profit - coefficient that determines the number of times the potential profit is to be greater than the current profit. Affects the size of the additional position
  • Coefficient for lot - coefficient that determines the aggressiveness of trading, the higher the value, the greater the risks


  • It is advisable to disable the EA during significant news.
  • 2 parameters have been used in the EA optimization: Minimum half optimal period and Maximum half optimal period - they affect the accuracy of the market entries


  • During backtests the EA trades without stopping and disabling on important news, as a consequence the results are not optimal.
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Version 5.8 - 2016.09.16
Added Stop Loss and Take Profit to all deals.