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Multi Logic System

Multi Logic System - is an automated trading robot which uses the adaptive algorithm based on modified standard indicators.

The EA follows the market and attempts to gain profit from either a trend of a flat.

The EA features an information panel with the option to enable/disable opening orders in the selected direction. Use this option only during the periods of instability or during the news release.

The EA implements a function of partial or complete profit or loss coverage when an opposite signal comes.

If a trade is closed with a loss (by partial or complete order closure), the EA trades an increased lot until the series makes the total profit.

Trades on cent accounts with 4- and 5-digit quotes.


  • It does not sit out the losses and is configured for maximum survivability. It closes the positions when an opposite signal occurs.
  • It does not use scalping, works with all brokers.
  • The trades last from several minutes to several hours.
  • Not affected by gaps, slippage or spread widening.


  • The EA opens multiple deals. It is recommended to activate spread rebates for additional profit.
  • It is optimized for the EURUSD pair, 5-digit quotes. Timeframe does not matter.
  • Use 0.01 lot per every 1000-2000 currency units.

Test the EA using M1 minute quotes.


  • InfoPanelShow - display the information panel.
  • Background - information panel background color.

Lot Calculation

  • ModeLots - lot calculation type:
    • ManualLot - lot size is set manually;
    • AutomaticLot - automatic lot size calculation.
  • LotSize - fixed lot size specified manually.
  • LotsDeltaDepo - deposit increase ratio for increasing the lot size. The parameter is applied when using the automatic lot size calculation.

Indicator parameters

  • MainPeriod - main period of the indicator.
  • Deviation - period deviation when the conditions change.
  • PeriodFast - fast period of the indicator.
  • PeriodSlow - slow period of the indicator.
  • PeriodMA - period of the Moving Average indicator.
  • VolatilityFactor - consideration of the volatility factor:
    • Disabled - not used;
    • By level - calculation is performed with a consideration of levels;
    • Always - always consider the volatility factor.
  • RecoveryMode - recovery module (recover the balance after a series of losing trades):
    • Disabled - the recovery module is disabled;
    • Enabled - use the recovery module.

Properties for closing orders

  • BetterPricePips - the number of points to start searching for a better price.
  • ClosePerсentPlus - percentage of closing a profitable trade.
  • ClosePerсentMinus - percentage of closing a losing trade.
  • DynamicTakeProfit - dynamic take profit (controlled programmatically).
  • DynamicStopLoss - dynamic stop loss (controlled programmatically).
  • DeviationTakeProfit - take profit deviation when the conditions change.
  • DeviationStopLoss - stop loss deviation when the conditions change.

Trailing Stop

  • TrailingStart - trailing start.
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop.
  • TrailingStep - trailing step.
2016.12.26 10:10 

Really confortable EA. A logical evolution of other EAs made from Viktor. I advise Multi Logic. The customer care offered by Viktor is the best as usual.

Version 5.1 - 2017.02.08
Fixed automatic calculation of the lot size.
The robot is prepared for migration to virtual hosting.
Version 5.0 - 2016.11.16
Fixed the display of the information panel.
Version 4.9 - 2016.07.26
Fixed minor errors, optimized the code.