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Expert Return

Return - the Expert Advisor for trading on Renko charts

For testing, we used a brick the size of 100 points for the 5-digit quotes and 10 points for the 4-digit ones.

The Expert Advisor trades only after the confirmation signal to buy or sell, that is waiting for the closing Renko candles. As a confirmation of the entrance used one candle ago and one candle ago - to exit. When you trade on several currency pairs, be sure to distribute the load on the deposit!

The screenshots show the test results without optimization.

Attention! See the Comments to find out how to test the EA. The robot is designed to work on Renko charts. Conduct testing on Renko charts only.

Attention! When testing and trading, the EA uses the global variables. After testing, remove the ones containing the word Return prior to installation on a chart for trading, use the F3 key. The global variables are used to ensure the stability of the EA operation with short-term VPS or PC reboots. At the weekend, you can safely turn off the computer.

Recommended currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD, and USDCAD.


  • sNameExpert - EA name;
  • MAGIC - magic number of orders;
  • dBuyStopLossPoint - StopLoss for Buy orders, not used by default;
  • dSellStopLossPoint - StopLoss for Sell orders, not used by default;
  • dBuyTakeProfitPoint - TakeProfit for Buy orders, not used by default;
  • dSellTakeProfitPoint - TakeProfit for Sell orders, not used by default;
  • dBuyTrailingStopPoint - TrailingStop for Buy orders, not used by default;
  • dSellTrailingStopPoint - TrailingStop for Sell orders, not used by default;
  • nReturn - main parameter for the optimization. The greater the value, the longer the transaction. The lesser the value, the more scalping. 12 by default.
  • dLots - number of lots;
  • dLotsPercent - money management. If True, lot percent of the deposit is used, set by Percent parameter. If False, a fixed lot set in dLots parameter is used.
  • Percent - percent of the deposit to determine the lot. Percent = 1, the deposit 1 000, lot 0.1, deposit 100, lot 0.01, and so on;
  • nSlippage - maximum deviation of the price for market orders (buy or sell orders);
  • lFlagUseHourTrade - trade restriction by the time of day is not used by default;
  • nFromHourTrade - trading start;
  • nToHourTrade - trading end;
  • lFlagUseSound - use sound notifications;
  • sSoundFileName - sound notification file;
  • colorOpenBuy - Buy order open color;
  • colorCloseBuy - Buy order close color;
  • colorOpenSell - Sell order open color;
  • colorCloseSell - Sell order close color.
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