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Trend Stream

The levels, where a large volume of trades has been formed, are very important in the technical analysis. It is also important to know the direction of the trend and its change. When a High is broken the trend is considered an uptrend, when a Low is broken - a downtrend. This provides a foundation for a good trading system. But now you don't have to do anything, such system has already been developed - the Trend Stream.

The EA automatically detects the trend direction and makes trades based on the volume levels of support and resistance. You only need to pre-optimize the parameters, and set it to continuous trade. This trading system does not use martingale or other risky strategies, it always places stop loss to prevent large losses. The initial funds may be small, the main thing is not to increase the lot too much. The short-term timeframes are recommended for trading: м5, м15, м30. Various currency pairs can be used, as long as they have low spread.

Input Parameters

  • Lots - lot size;
  • Percentage of free money - the percentage of free margin to open each new trade (if Lots=0, then the lot will be calculated as a percentage of the free margin of the account), recommended 1-10;
  • max spread - the maximum spread for opening trades (on the accounts with floating spread, for the trade to open when the spread is not too large);
  • Magic - unique Identifier (it must be different for each instance of the EA in the terminal);
  • Take Profit - order closing price when the profitability level is reached;
  • Stop loss - order closing price when the loss level is reached;
  • Dynamic TP and SL - if enabled (true), then Take profit and Stop loss are calculated based on the width of the broken trading range;
  • Factor dynamic TP - the coefficient of the dynamic take profit;
  • Factor dynamic SL - the coefficient of the dynamic stop loss;
  • Number bars for breakout - the number of bars of the trading range, where the highs and lows will be determined, the breakout which affects the trend;
  • Shift - shift to the right relative to the trading range;
  • MinDistance - the minimum distance from the High to Low of the trading range;
  • Timeframe ADX - the timeframe of the ADX indicator (specified in minutes: 15 = 15-minute, 60 = hourly);
  • Period ADX - period of the ADX indicator.;
  • ADX and number bars relation - dependence of the trading range value on the ADX indicator;
  • Level ADX - ADX indicator level, above which trading is allowed;
  • CandlesFactor - the coefficient to determine a bullish or a bearish candlestick (if set to 0, then the candlestick type is irrelevant for entering a trade);
  • MinVolume - the minimum volume to plot the levels;
  • Indentations - indents from the volume levels;
  • HistoryBars - the number of bars to determine the volume levels;
  • Range - the distance above and below the price to determine the volume levels;
  • DelayFindLevels - the time, after which the level may be plotted;
  • StepFindLevels - the step for detecting levels (the smaller the step, the longer it takes to detect levels, but they will be more accurate);
  • EnableOtherFilters - enable additional filters (if enabled - "true". If disabled - "false", then the next 6 parameters are ignored);
  • Bollinger Bands period - period of the Bollinger Bands indicator;
  • Bollinger deviation - deviations of Bollinger Bands;
  • TimeframeAO - the timeframe of the Awesome Oscillator indicator;
  • PeriodStochastic - the period of the Stochastic indicator;
  • SlowingStochastic - the slowing of the Stochastic indicator;
  • LevelsStochastic - the levels of the Stochastic indicator;
  • Hour start place orders - the hour to start trading by server time;
  • Hour stop place orders - the hour to stop opening new trades by server time;
  • CountBuy - the maximum number of simultaneously opened buys;
  • CountSell - the maximum number of simultaneously opened sells;
  • Delay - delay between opening trades (in seconds);
  • ShowInfo - display information (true - display, false - hide), recommended to disable during optimization to make the tests faster.
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