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TAASA Martin

TAASA is a simple multi-currency Expert Advisor based on the intersection of two MAs, with the use of martingale.

Operation Principle

  1. When the MA1 and MA2 cross each other, a position is opened with the stop loss and take profit values equal to SLTP and with Start_Lot or Lot_Balance volume.
  2. When take profit triggers, a position is opened in the same direction with the volume equal to Start_Lot or Lot_Balance, without waiting for the MA intersections.
  3. When stop loss triggers, an opposite position is opened once two MAs cross, the volume in this case is equal to: the last used lot size multiplied by k (if k is zero - do not multiply).
  4. When take profit triggers, return to point 2.

Input parameters

  • Start_Lot - fixed lot size.
  • Lot_Balance - lot size as a percentage of the balance (if 0 - fixed lot).
  • k - lot multiplier (if 0 - disabled).
  • max_loss_pos - the number of consecutive losses to return to the starting lot size.
  • SLTP - stop loss and take profit value.

MA 1 settings

  • TimeFrameM1 - timeframe.
  • ma1 - averaging period.
  • shift1 - shift.
  • MethodMA1 - averaging method.
  • PriceMA1 - price for calculation.

MA 2 settings

  • TimeFrameM2 - timeframe.
  • ma2 - averaging period.
  • shift2 - shift.
  • MethodMA2 - averaging method.
  • PriceMA2 - price for calculation.

Other Settings

  • Start_Type_Position - type of the starting position (false - BUY, true - SELL).
  • slip - slippage.
  • magic - unique ID to use the EA along with other EAs.

You can modify the algorithm of the EA. To do this, contact me via private messages.

Andrea Porubska
2017.10.20 15:54 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Ugo Della Rocca
2017.06.28 16:44 

The ea not work as promised ... it does not go right .. wrote the developer who is outgoing a new update ... if it will work i will update the comment and the vote

Ashraf Yassin
2017.05.05 05:01 

really good EA

Vitaliy Katsuba
2017.05.04 19:49 

Класс! отличный советник. по мартин гейлу.

Gary Johnson
2017.05.04 11:07 

Works great after a bit of customization and testing

2017.05.03 23:00 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 1.1 - 2017.07.04
Averaging METHOD ma1
Type PRICE ma1
Averaging METHOD ma2
Type PRICE ma2