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This grid Expert Advisor accompanies every transaction.

The first deal can be performed using the buttons on the screen or in any other way.

Total breakeven price of each grid is marked by yellow labels.

Total take profit level of each grid's orders is marked by blue labels. Take profit is virtual.

With each order opened in a grid, a take profit is corrected so that the total profit equals to initial order's one regardless of the size of all lots in the grid. This ensures the quickest way out of a possible drawdown.

The EA opens a few oppositely directed grids on a single symbol and handles them correctly.


  • DistanceOpen - distance of opening pending grid orders.
  • Martin - lot increase factor (0 - not used).
  • MaximumLots - limit the maximum lot for placing pending grid orders.
  • MaximumOrders - limit the number of lots in a grid.
  • TP_pips - initial order's take profit.
  • Slippage - slippage.
  • Trail_SL_start - distance in profit for activating the stop loss function.
  • Trail_SL_pips - distance between the current price to stop loss.
  • Trail_SL_step - stop loss step.
s-v-sh Shnur
2016.10.23 13:07 

Работает четко. OK.