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Semi assistant

Hopefully, this EA will become a great assistant in your manual trading. It implements a wide range of settings which are necessary for safe and calm trading.

In short, its capabilities: places stops (multiple options, including virtual one) for all your trades, as well as profit levels (multiple options as well). If necessary, it can take screenshots of all your trades and record everything. It calculates the total lot for your trade according to the selected risk. The EA maintains every trade and moves them to breakeven according to the selected trailing type. The EA is also able to monitor all trades according to the selected criteria. The detailed description of the EA functionality is provided in the "Comments" section.

Important: The information can be displayed both in Russian and English languages.

To see the English panel, change the terminal language to any other than Russian.

It is recommended to configure all the functionality of the EA on a demo account.


  • 1.Expert_Id - The unique identification of the EA.
  • 2.BalancePercent_Profit= 360.0 - The profit to close all positions
  • 3. BalancePercent_Loss = 0 - The loss to close all positions.
  • 4. BalancePercent_LossColor = Magenta - The color of the virtual StopLoss

Screen-Properties: Saved to MQL4\Files..

  • 5. Screen_Width= 1400 - the width of the screenshot, if 0 - disabled
  • 6. Screen_Height= 750- the height of the screenshot, if 0 - disabled


  • 7. StopLoss= 0 - The distance to Stop Loss in points (0 - disable SL, set the stop loss here when UseAutoTral is disabled)
  • 8.TakeProfit= 0 - The distance to Take Profit in points (0 - disable TP)
  • 9. StopLossMode=3 : 0 - do not place SL, 1 - SL at the distance of 'StopLoss' points, 2 - SL by fractals, 3 - SL by the extremums of the last 'BAR' bars.


  • 10. OnlyCurrentSymbol = true: true - maintain the positions on the current instrument only, false - maintain all positions
  • 11. UseCloseOneThird= 7: When reaching the target profit level a third of the position is closed at this level (the levels can be set from 1 to 36; 0 - disable the feature)
  • 12. TrailingStop = 160: The trailing stop size in points (0 - disabled)
  • 13. TrailingStep = -1: The trailing stop step in points (-1 - step equals spread)
  • 14. UseAutoTral= true: true - calculate the trailing levels automatically, false - use manually set levels.

If the automatic initialization function is selected: 1st level is set at the stop level, 2nd level is 2 time greater, the other levels are set according to Fibonacci.

  • 15. TIMEFRAMES TF = 0 : the timeframe for the EA operation, 0 - the current chart.
  • 16. BAR = 200 : the number of bars to search the stop for BUY and SELL". This is a safety measure according to the theory by Bill Williams, described in the book "Trading Chaos". This parameter is used when the third option is selected in the StopLossMode.
  • 17. ProfitKoef= 7 : Coefficient for the stop. Set in case the UseAutoTral is disabled.
  • 18. BuyModify= true: true - monitor the 'buy' trades, false - do not monitor.
  • 19. SellModify= true: true - monitor the 'sell' trades, false - do not monitor.
  • 20. TrailToDate = false: true react to positions opened after the date: format « D'2019.06.01 01:44'». This function is designed for the trades that have been opened earlier and transferred to breakeven, and are not supposed to be affected by the EA during trading.

Parameters of the information window(CommentCorner)

The main font color in the information field:

  • 22. BaseColor= clrWhite: color of the table and unchangeable labels;
  • 23. ValueColor= clrDeepSkyBlue: Color of the values, except the lower part of the table. They are hard-coded. The margin of the trades changes its color depending on the ratio of the margin to the balance 10, 20 or 30%
  • 24. SoundFileName= "expert.wav": name of the sound file to be played when performing trading operations ("" - disable sound);
  • 25. ShowComment = false: if true, the EA displays information on the screen.
  • Risk percentage for the calculation if the maximum lot:
  • 26. LotRisk= 1.5: Risk percentage for the calculation of the maximum lot (calculation is displayed without the consideration of the already opened positions).
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