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Hidden Grider

The EA builds a grid of trades using labels on the chart or by real pending orders. All types of Sell limit, Buy limit, Buy stop, Sell stop orders are supported. The EA is bilingual, it automatically detects the English and Russian languages.

The grid may be built as increasing (from the minimum volume to maximum) or decreasing (from maximum to minimum). EA operation start and end times can be set. It is possible to place the take profit and stop loss for each order individually or for the entire grid.

The steps o the entire grid can be viewed in the Objects window ('Ctrl+b' key combination). Also, the information on the current operation of the EA is displayed in the top left corner. The labels (steps) can be moved manually — lower/higher. If the label is below/above the price, then a buy/sell order is executed immediately.

If the terminal was closed (or if the EA detects a previous layout on the chart), then the EA will ask if it should use the existing grid. If one or more steps of the grid have been broken during that time, the EA will ask if it should skip those steps or add the missed volume.

The calculation of the steps is performed according to the progression formulas:
Arithmetical: sizeNow = FirstStep + StepNow*d (d is calculated according to Total volume, FirstStep and LastStep).
Geometric: sizeNow = FirstStep * q^StepNow (q is calculated according to FirstStep, LastStep).

The Total volume parameter allows to "fit" in the specified volume, but only if the progression is arithmetical and only the First step parameter is set, and at the same time, the first step is not greater than 5%. Otherwise the total volume will be changed.

When opening the next step, the EA checks if the allowed maximum lot was exceeded, and if the broker does not allow to open the step in a single lot, then the step is split into several smaller ones. Also, when maintaining several grids, it is possible to exceed the total number of simultaneously opened orders. All error are printed to the comment and/or log.

The opened orders are controlled in any way (by this EA). For simultaneous control over multiple grids or simply a large number of orders, I recommend using the Symbols Manager program.


  • Position — selection of the order type: sellLimit, buyLimit, buyStop, sellStop;
  • Begin grid (pips from price) — beginning of the grid, offset from the current price in pips (5-digits);
  • Begin grid (price) — the price to start the grid, if some of the steps become broken, then they will be ignored (flagged as used);
  • Number of steps — the total number of steps;
  • Grid step (pips) — step of the grid in pips;
  • Total volume (% of the deposit) — the total volume of the deposit for the calculation of the grid step, used only if the first step is set, otherwise calculated according to the first and last steps;
  • First step (% of the total volume) — the first step as a percentage of the total volume;
  • Last step (% of the total volume) — the last step as a percentage of the total volume;
  • First step (lots) — the first step in lots;
  • Last step (lots) — the last step in lots;
  • Grid Progression — the progression to calculate the grid: Arithmetical or Geometric;
  • Increasing or Decreasing — increasing or decreasing;
  • Open the real pending orders — open real pending orders, once opened, the EA is removed from the chart;
  • Takeprofit (pips) — Take profit in pips from the opening price of the order;
  • Stoploss (pips) — Stop Loss in pips from the opening price of the order;
  • Takeprofit (price) — the take profit price, common for the entire grid;
  • Stoploss (price) — the stop loss price, common for the entire grid;
  • Pause from ... to — operation pause from ... to (local time);
  • Start working at — the hour to start building the grid, if the time is missed, starts without waiting — immediately (local time);
  • Stop working at — full stop of the EA operation and its removal from the chart (local time);
  • Magic number of orders — the magic number of orders;
  • Comment of orders — order comment;
  • Remove grid labels if ends or exit EA — remove or leave the labels after the EA stops working or if it was forcibly removed from the chart;
  • Sound — sound signal for placing orders.
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Version 1.1 - 2016.04.19
Fixed minor bugs in the operation logic.