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GannAngles MT4

The Gann Angles indicator calculates and displays Gann support and resistance angular lines. Monthly, weekly and daily lines are displayed.

Gann lines are provided in the terminal, however their manual construction takes time, and the line angle depends on the current timeframe. The Gann Angles indicator has no such drawbacks - it does not depend on a timeframe and can automatically calculate and display Gann angular lines.

William Gann was an American trader who developed the technical analysis tool known as Gann angles and other analysis schemes (square 9, circle 24, chart 360). Gann's forecasting strategy was based on methods applied in geometry, astronomy, astrology and ancient mathematics. Gann also wrote several books on stock trading. He performed his first transactions in 1902 when he was 24.

Gann angles are the tools of forecasting support and resistance levels.


  • Show monthly levels - show/hide monthly levels;
  • Show weekly levels - show/hide weekly levels;
  • Show daily levels - show/hide daily levels;
  • Allow showing the message - enable displaying messages
  • Enable sound notification - enable sound notifications.
  • The name of the sound file - the sound file name. Only WAV sound files are played. If the field is empty, standard indicator sound is played. The file must be placed to:
    • in terminal_directory\Sounds or its subdirectory.
    • in terminal_data_directory\MQL4\Files or its subdirectory.
  • Offset point for Alerts, pips - activate the notification at a specified amount of points before the level is reached.
  • Offset point for clearing Alerts, pips - "reset" the notification after a specified amount of points.
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