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CCI Trigger Candles AM

The indicator colors candlesticks of the price chart in accordance with the data of two CCI indicators from different timeframes. If both CCI indicators are above 0, the indicator paints the candle in the color that signals about price growth, and vice versa.

The indicator allows to efficiently follow the trend, track short-term price rollbacks, and also to identify price reversals. The indicator does not redraw.


  • IndBarsCount (>-1) - number of candles the indicator is displayed on;
  • CCI1_Period ( >1) - period of the fast CCI osc;
  • CCI1_Price (0-6) - price of the fast CCI osc;
  • CCI2_Period (>CCI1_Period) - period of the slow CCI osc;
  • CCI2_Price (0-6) - price of the slow CCI osc.

The other indicators of the Candles series can be found among my works. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

chao tang
chao tang 2016.06.23 09:33 


Version 3.0 2016.11.18
Added automatic correction of invalid parameter values.