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Scalps Seeker

This МТ5 expert is the MT5 version of my Scalps Seeker GBPUSD EA https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/6142 . The system is designed for scalping GBPUSD but it also shows good results on other currency pairs.

Does not use Martingale.

Money Management: the EA automatically carries out reinvestment, increasing the lot in accordance with the growth of a deposit. Detects 4 and 5 digit brokers and automatically adjusts all the parameters. They must be entered for the 5-digit brokers.

Available settings:

  • Lot - fixed lot.
  • Percent Risk - If you set Lot = 0 - any trade will have a volume, which is calculated as a percentage of free margin, set by the “Percent Risk”.
  • Time Auto setting - If is "true" the robot automatically adjusts to GMT(UTC) time. Attention!!! If you use a tester, “Time Auto setting” must be set to “false”.
  • GMT(UTC) Setting - If the "Time Auto setting" is set to "false", specify the difference between the time of your terminal and GMT(UTC).
  • Take Profit – select the value after testing in the tester or on a demo account.
  • Stop Loss – select the value after testing in the tester or on a demo account.
  • Dynamic Filter - filter that limits losses.
  • Maximum open Deals – the maximum permitted number of simultaneously opened trades.
  • Maximum Spread – spread limiter. If spread is over the specified value, trades are not performed.
  • Orders Filling Type - Type of order execution.
  • Slippage - slippage limiter.
  • Magic Number - for separating the Expert Advisor's deals from "third-party" ones. Use it, if you want to launch several experts on one account.
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