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EasyTrading CandleTime

This free Expert Advisor shows time remaining until the current bar closes.

Most trading strategies are based on the last CLOSED bar. So you have to enter a trade WHEN THE BAR IS CLOSING.

This simple yet powerful EA shows you the time remaining before the current candle closes. So you can prepare yourself beforehand. When the Candle closes, you're set and ready to click (or not) to enter a position. No stress.

Please see my other Forex Tools & my website EasyTrading.

It will remain free but I want it to be the best Candle Time indicator ever!

Please tell me what YOU want me to add:

  • alarming
  • set the time left on the chart
  • add colors
  • add other timeframes
  • fix bugs
  • ??

One last thing! Please ask me to be your friend on MQL5.community, so I can tell you when I release a new version!

2016.03.21 03:53 

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Rodrigo da Silva Boa
2015.12.09 06:33 


Wells Velasquez Maciel
2015.02.09 02:58 

Nice! congrats!!!

Gennadiy Sidorov
2014.05.16 07:43 


Chiao-Hung Cheng
2013.10.18 07:01