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Automatic Download Quotes

The Automatic Download Quotes utility monitors the relevance of the currency pair quotes history of the terminal in the background mode, and downloads missing history from the server, if necessary.

When you view the chart history in depth the terminal downloads the missing quotes in parts, which can sometimes cause some inconvenience, especially when it is necessary to view very old data right away. The Automatic Download Quotes will allow you to forget about waiting for the history data to be downloaded to the chart. Once run on the chart it downloads the missing history data on all the timeframes of the currency pair of the chart it is launched on.

The utility is easy to use and requires no configuration.

Hint: Add the Automatic Download Quotes to your working chart template and forget about missing history data.

If you view the history frequently - we also recommend you to also install the free Smart AutoScroll utility. It automatically disables chart auto-scrolling as soon as you start viewing history.

Note: the utility opens an additional auxiliary chart, in which the download process takes place. This allows to avoid unnecessary load on the working chart. After downloading all the missing history the auxiliary chart is automatically closed.

Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.04.22 06:58 

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