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Japanese Candlesticks

Japanese candlestick indicator

This indicator is created to simplify the search of reversal patterns using Japanese candlestick analysis. It marks the reversal patterns on the chart. When pointing on the object, it shows a tooltip with pattern description.

The indicator can find the following patterns:

  • Gray - Hanging Man or Hammer;
  • Red - Bullish engulfing;
  • Lime - Bearish engulfing;
  • Indigo - Doji;
  • Lime - Dark Cloud Cover.
Rodrigo da Silva Boa
Rodrigo da Silva Boa 2015.12.14 06:14 

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vadoos 2014.05.15 08:11 

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Vadim Strelkov
Vadim Strelkov 2014.03.24 11:11 

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mahjoubf 2013.01.09 10:39 

Hi there :)

Thank you for the upload, looks like it works pretty much good,

I have question though:

Can you please give more details about:

-Colour of a mark (green/red/gray/purple)

-Shape of the mark (square/circle/"star"...)

-Distance from the spot rate of the mark (is it an objective?)

btate91 2012.07.02 17:30 

once you react faster to red = buy and green = sell, which in my opinion is the wrong way around, it's a simple Indi that does the trick.