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ZigZag Martingale

Amazing and profitable back test result for all tested currency pairs. This EA is independent of indicators or fundamental analysis and has no dependency to working hours of markets or formation of different shapes or pattern in charts or candles. ZigZag Martingale EA is a type of martingale trading systems that is tested for 2 years period for some different currency pairs which you can see their test result in pictures. For testing please use the used parameters.

Input Parameters

  • Slippage: Will determine maximum difference between ordered price for opening position and executed price.
  • Magic Number: Will give you the ability to use EA separately for each Magic Number.
  • Broker Lot Size: According to your Broker it can be 1000 for standard account or 100000 for micro account.
  • Static Minimum Lot Size: If you want to open first order using predefined Lot, please use this parameter and change "Using Dynamic Lot" parameter to "False".
  • Dynamic Minimum Lot Factor: Using this factor lot of first order will be calculated according to your balance.
  • Using Dynamic Lot: This parameter turn On or Off the using of "dynamic lot factor" parameter.
  • Lot Multiplier: This parameter will increase last used lot size for new position. 
  • Distance Factor to TP: Increasing this parameter will increase take profit price.
  • StopLoss Factor: This value will multiply with take profit to define stop loss price.
  • Max Open Positions: You can set maximum allowed number of open positions for each symbol.
  • Max Lot Size: This parameter define Max Lot Size to your predefined value.

Some Features of ZigZag Martingale

  • Automatic detection of the quotes precision.
  • Usable for trading different currencies in same time.
  • Spread auto detection.
  • Auto Pilot Lot Calculator.
  • Usable for different account type, Standards and Micro.

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