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Sprint Demo


The Sprint Demo is the free version of the Sprint EA, and is an automated scalper EA for high-frequency trading on the financial instrument of the chart it is attached to. For multi-currency trading the EA should be attached to a chart of the corresponding financial instrument.

The EA requires two account types, i.e. two MetaTrader 4 terminals on one computer.

  1. provider.
  2. receiver.

The EA trades on the receiver account based on the advance market information of the provider.

Input Parameters

  1. Symbol Name - Name of financial instrument of the chart the EA is attached to.
  2. Spread Maximum - Maximum allowed spread for trading the current symbol on the receiver account.
  3. Closure Terms - Conditions for closing positions:
    • time - position holding time.
    • conditions - conditions, including position holding time.
  4. Position Holding Time - Position holding time in seconds, up to 50 seconds.
  5. Account Type - type of the account:
    • Provider - provider.
    • Receiver - receiver.
  6. Fixed Lot Size - fixed lot size.
  7. Fixed Lot - lot type:
    • true - fixed.
    • false - differentiated.
  8. Percent Lot Size - percentage of free margin of the lot
  9. Stop Loss - Stop loss level in points.
  10. Slippage - Slippage in points.
  11. Profit Target - target profit in points.
  12. Magic number - magic number.
  13. Order comment - Order comment.

The name of the financial instrument on the accounts of the provider and receiver may differ in prefixes of suffixes. However, the names must match in the input parameters of the EA.

The EA automatically calculates and places the TakeProfit level.

During the setup of the EA on the provider account only the first and the fifth input parameters are considered.


The EA cannot be tested in the MetaTrader 4 Strategy Tester.

To demonstrate its capabilities, the EA can be used only for trading on demo accounts on the following conditions of the input parameters:

  • fixed minimum lot.
  • maximum spread size of 25 points.
  • condition for closing positions by time not more than 5 seconds.
  • target profit level no grater than 25 points.


It is recommended to use the EA on the six major financial instruments: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF. The possibility of using the EA on other symbols as well as CFD is not excluded.

Trading with the demo version of the EA does not require a VPS. Trading can be performed on a common PC, i.e. with any delay to the provider and receiver accounts. It is recommended to choose a broker with the minimum execution commissions or without them at all, and with tight spreads that allow unlimited scalping.

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