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Truly ScreenShot Indicator

The indicator takes screenshots of the active terminal chart.

Available image saving options:

  1. At the opening of a new bar (candlestick) depending on the currently selected timeframe;
  2. After a certain time interval, e.g. every 10 minutes after indicator launch on a chart;
  3. When trade orders are opened/closed both by an Expert Advisor and manually;
  4. Each time when a user clicks the "Screeshot" button.

Indicator Parameters

Settings Screenshot time

  • Start Time (hh:mm) - sets the start time of indicator work.
  • End Time (hh:mm) - sets the end time of indicator work.

If both value = 0 or Empty, the indicator work around the clock.

Auto Screenshot Settings

  • Screenshot New Bar - if True, takes screenshots on each new bar (candle).
  • Screenshot Interval (minutes) - if a nonzero value is specified, it takes screenshots after a certain time interval after Start Time.

Open/Close Orders Screenshot Settings

  • Orders Type - take screenshot when orders are opened/closed by trading type: Manual, Auto, Both.
  • ScreenshotSymbol - setting to saving Open/Close images for current pair or all traded pairs.
  • Screenshot Open Orders - take screenshots when opening an order.
  • Screenshot Close Orders - take screenshots when closing an order.
  • Send Open/Close Mail - send an e-mail when an Expert Advisor opens/closes trades (if configured in the terminal settings).

Comments/Button settings

  • Show Comments - show all indicator comments in the journal, on a chart and screenshots.
  • Comments Position - set the corner of the chart to show comments.
  • Notification Language - set comments language: English or Russian.
  • Screenshot Button - show screenshot button "Screenshot" (three types) for manual work.
  • Button Position - set the corner of the chart for the "Screenshot" button.
  • Button Distance X - "Screenshot" button distance from the corner along the X axis.
  • Button Distance Y - "Screenshot" button distance from the corner along the Y axis.

ScreenShot Size

  • Width (X pixels) - image width along X in pixels.
  • Height (Y pixels) - image height along Y in pixels.

Other settings

  • CreateExtraFolder - select one of the options to create folders in the terminal root directory to store images.
    • Symbol/Timeframe/Current week/
    • Symbol/Timeframe/
    • Symbol/Current week/
    • Timeframe/Current week/
    • Symbol/
    • Timeframe/
    • Current week/
  • Set Picture Name - five variants of saved images names according to the sequence: Symbol, TF, Screenshot Type, Date and Time.
  • Image_Format - type of file format for saving images: gif, png, bmp.
kaceha 2018.12.13 20:00 

Very useful tool :)

Happy Mans World
Happy Mans World 2016.07.05 10:13 

Good, simple and effective,,, with responsive developer

Version 1.38 2018.12.14
- Added parameter "Show Journal Massage" which allow print massage about indicator actions in the journal.
Version 1.37 2017.12.04
- Added 6 options for selecting the folder to store screenshots:
Version 1.34 2016.04.11
Fixed the error of saving screenshots when opening trades.