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FiBW Trader

The FiBW Trader is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on usage of fractals and Fibonacci levels. For each trade it places stop loss and take profit levels calculated on the basis of the current market situation. It is recommended to use the EA on the currency pairs with low spreads. The EA works with 4- and 5-digit quotes.

The EA implements a false signal filters based on the algorithms by Bill Williams. The EA must be optimized for each currency pair. It also implements the algorithm of automatic lot calculation.


  • Number of lots - number of deal lots (specified when applying the EA to M5);
  • Switch on automatic calculation of lots - enable automatic lot calculation (for fully automated trading);
  • Deposit's percent for trade - deposit size as a percentage (risk value) for the calculation of the lot size;
  • Percent of rollback - maximum market roll-back percentage, when exceeded the trade is not performed; this value must be greater than zero;
  • Percent of profit - percentage that sets the take profit level depending on the previous movement and rollback on the market; this value must be greater than 100%.
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