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Market Watch Bovespa Indexes Stocks

This script is specific for Brazil's Market BM&F Bovespa. It is a facility tool to automate the stocks inclusion in Market Watch. When one needs to research a specific Bovespa market belonging to an index class, in Market Watch it is necessary to include the stocks one by one, which is tedious and takes useful time (which could be used making the analysis). The purpose of this script is to eliminate this limitation: for Bovespa indexes classes, one just needs to select the proper index, and all papers from that index will be automatically included in your Market Watch. The script also provides the option to delete unused papers from Market Watch.

This script downloads the stocks informations directly from BM&F Bovespa database.

Implemented Bovespa Indexes

  1. Broad Indexes
    • Index Bovespa (Ibovespa)
    • Index Brazil 50 (IBrX 50)
    • Index Brazil 100 (IBrX 100)
    • Index Brazil Amplo (IBrA)
  2. Sectorial Indexes
    • IEE
    • INDX
    • ICON
    • IMOB
    • IFNC
    • IMAT
    • UTIL


  • Index: Bovespa index
  • DEL_NOT_SEL: Delete the unused stocks from Market Watch before including the newer ones

Important Note

This script downloads Bovespa database directly, so the Internet connection should be enabled. Also, your MT5 should have Bovespa domain released to accept web requisitions. Due to this, please follow:

  • Go to menu Tools/Options/Expert Advisors
  • Enable checkbox Allow WebRequest for listed URL
  • Include the following URL in the text box: http://bvmf.bmfbovespa.com.br
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