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Caiman KLVgroup

The Expert Advisor for those who do not want to delve into the essence of technical and mathematical analysis. The built-in analytical algorithm using multiple technical indicator and mathematical analysis for opening and maintaining orders allows to facilitate the trader's work. Trading is performed on the volatile pairs, the EURUSD pair suits best. Trading is done in both directions for the M1 - H1 time frames. The unprofitable trades are closed at the expense of increasing the lots using the coefficient at a specified step. There is a limitation on the number of lots, StopLoss levels, automatic trade maintenance. For the trend trading on H4 and D1, the function of trading in both directions can be disabled, then trading will be maintained, increased during rollbacks, automatically calculating and moving the total profit/StopLoss of the entire order series.

The PriceChannelStop indicator is responsible for determining the trend direction, generating signals for opening positions and activating the "floating" trailing. The same indicator is responsible for setting Stop Loss beyond/at the border of the signal. The offset of the Stop Loss value can be configured. The Stop Loss level is not redrawn. The indicator period parameters can be changed in the EA settings. The Trend indicator is an additional filter in the direction of the price movement and confirms the market entry signal. The indicator period parameters can be changed in the settings.

Parameters of the Expert Advisor

  • Lot - working lot
  • DynamicLot - use dynamic lot.
  • LotsPercent - The percentage of the deposit (activated when DynamicLot-true). The EA should be used with caution when DynamicLot (true), the recommended value is 1% or less.
  • StopLossPips - offset of the Stop Loss from the indicator in points
  • TakeProfitPips - Take Profit in points
  • UseMartin - Use averaging
  • Martin - Coefficient for Martingale. Recommended value is К-1,6 or less
  • MartinPips - Size of a "leg" in points
  • MartinMaxKnees - Allowed number of averagings
  • ProfitRatio - Profit ratio at a new "leg". The lower the value, the less the profit when closing the entire grid of orders.
  • UseWithoutLoss - Use moving to breakeven.
  • WithoutLossAfterPips - the number of profit points to move to breakeven
  • WithoutLossPips - Breakeven size in points
  • UseTrailing - Use trailing
  • TrailOnPriceChannel - Trailing based on the PriceСhanelStop indicator. At (false), the TrailingAfterPips settings are activated. At (true) the "floating" trailing is activated, which is convenient for scalping.
  • TrailingAfterPips - Start trailing after N points
  • TrailingPips - Trailing size in points. To activate trailing set UseTrailing -true
  • CloseOnReverce - Close open positions in case of an opposite signal. For scalping it is recommended to use the value 'false' and the offset of StopLossPips


The EA should be controlled depending on the market situation, you can not configure it once and leave it for a year. The EA is primarily set for trading 5-digit quotes, if you trade 4-digits, then the values in the settings are changed by one digit. (Example: 5* TakeProfitPips 250 points, 4* TakeProfitPips - 25 points)

Trading recommendations

We manage both directions as two independent systems. For that, it is necessary to open two windows with the same timeframe of the same currency pair. Attach the EA to each window under different numbers. In the general settings set "Only Long" for the EA №111, it will only open LONG positions, the EA №222 will only open SHORT positions, respectively. It is more convenient to change the settings as the market situation changes. Increase/decrease the initial lot, step, averaging ratio, enable/disable one of the EA's and others.

In the settings of the PriceСhanelStop indicator, it is only necessary to change the ChannelPeriod = N; The recommended period for scalping on the М1-М15 timeframes is from 3 to 5. For trend trading on the М30-Н4 timeframes the recommended period is from 9 to 200.

In the settings of the PriceСhanelStop indicator, it is only necessary to change the Bands_Period = N; Power_Period =n; The Bands period must always be greater than the period of Power. The recommended period for scalping: Bands - 3, Power - 2. For trend trading: Bands - 20, Power - 13.

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