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Perun SE

PERUN SE is the result of continuous work on improving the system that is able to trade for a long time without optimization and reconfiguration in a changing market.

The new version includes a set of conditions and incorporates a complex algorithm of trade entry, which allows to efficiently use the scalping strategy. Perun SE reacts the changes in the price dynamics with consideration of multiple conditions. It works on ECN broker accounts on the major currency pairs, with tight and floating spread, on timeframes starting from M1, with no limits on the minimum deposit size.

Conservative, non-aggressive trading is set by default.

For more trading efficiency we recommend the individual selection of the parameters according to the specific broker and currency pair.


  • Use_LOGO - use the logo on the chart (Slows testing)
  • Use_Alert - enable alerts of the EA.
  • UseATR - enable the ATR configuration parameters.
  • ATR_Period - ATR period.
  • ATR_KOF - ATR indicator signal transfer ratio.
  • Index_VOL - signal adjustment value of the market entry signals.
  • Period_VOL - the period of the total evaluation of the entry signals.
  • Use_All_Signals - enable trading by all signals regardless of the number of the opened trades.
  • MaxTrades - the maximum number of the BUY or SELL trades (at the value "1" only one buy and one sell order can be opened at once).
  • OTL_TS - distance for placing pending orders, also the trailing start.
  • TakeProfit - TakeProfit placement level.
  • StopLoss - StopLoss placement level.
  • TrallStart - TrailingStop activation level.
  • TrallStop - trailing distance.
  • TrallStep - trailing step.
  • spr_s - increase in the spread for the EA to pause trading.
  • Use_ECN - use ECN account.
  • ECN_Pips_COM - commission in pips for ECN.
  • magic - unique number of the EA's trades.
  • OpenOrderComment - EA Comment.
  • FixedLot - fixed lot (Works at AutoMM = 0)
  • AutoMM - lot calculation based on deposit percentage.
Charles Mady
Charles Mady 2017.09.20 22:37 

works well during news and market volatility, Eurusd only.

ccou 2017.08.15 07:10 

*** Be WARNED ***

The results I get live are much worse than my backtesting.

I suspect this EA to switch to another algorithm when trading live.

I don't know who made this change (the author or someone else) and what the reasons are, but there's definitely something fishy/shady.

Version 1.1 - 2016.06.20
Changed entry signals, extended spread range.